We manufacture various types of precision parts for all industries based on the technical documentation or samples of our customers Every industry we support has its own peculiarities and unique requirements for our products. Our extensive experience allows us to adapt our services and products to every customer, regardless of which industry he represents. The main industries supported by us are:

  • Automatisation
  • Automotive
  • Medical engineering
  • Machine engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energetics
  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Metrology
  • Vibration control technology
  • Navy
  • Information technology

Machining, finishing, assembly

We specialize in machining. However, we also deal with details finishing, assembly and we also provide services such as bending, welding, welding, painting etc. to a lesser extent.


Additional services

Everything we can not do in our factory is sent to our long-time partners. By working with them, we are able to provide the required additional treatments, such as electroplating, heat treatment, powder coating etc. Detailed information can be found by clicking on the headline.



The complex processes in our company require from us an efficient production preparation team, which also prepares the necessary instructions and technical documentation for our production processes. In the field of our services, we also offer design and create technical documentation for our customers.


Technical consultancy

We have been involved in metal processing and the production of turned and milled parts since 1997. Our extensive knowledge in this area and our know-how have helped us to carry out many projects with our customers. Our customers appreciate the close cooperation with us and use our advice, which often allowed to reduce the detail costs and to improve the performance.



As part of our services, we also offer the selection of the appropriate packaging and delivery to the destination. Our logistics department is happy to take care of all matters relating to the delivery of our products to our customers.