Shear nuts

Secure what is valuable

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Shear nuts are mainly used to secure mounted items against theft. Other functions are e.g. securing of safety-relevant components against unauthorized access. The manufacture of stainless steel guarantees their durability and resistance to external conditions. Both the type of material and the torque at which the nut shears off can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

The advantage of our shear nuts over other nuts of this type lies in the precision. This guarantees a constant breaking torque of the nut in a narrow range. The use of the exact breaking torque during assembly of the shear nuts is required, among others, when:

  • The nut has to shear at a certain point
  • Coatings must not be damaged by over tightening the nuts
  • The tension of the threaded connection must be within an appropriate range
  • The nut must penetrate the material of the mounted item into an appropriate depth


The assembly consists of tightening the shear nut until the hexagon head of the nut shears off. Thanks to the precise design of the nut, the breaking torque is within a narrow range. These nuts can be mounted without special tools. After shearing-off the hexagonal head a rounded threaded sleeve remains, which can not be removed with an ordinary wrench.


The material used for the shear nuts is mainly austenitic grade A1 stainless steel. For applications in harsh environments where a high risk of corrosion can occur, when high mechanical strength is required, or when using nuts at extreme temperatures, other types of steel may be used.

Special solutions

In addition to standard shear nuts, we also offer special solutions that meet the different requirements of our customers. These nuts differ in the material used, the geometry or other parameters of commercially available standard solutions.