Do you know that by boarding a plane, sailing a boat or driving a car, you can rely on parts manufactured in PROTECH? Even without knowing our company and without knowing what we do, you can come into contact with the quality of our parts.

We specialize in medium and large-scale production of turned and milled details, but we also make individual details and small series.


Our technical capabilities allow us to produce details from such materials as:

mild steel
stainless steel
carbon steel
tempering steel
copper and its alloys
aluminum alloys
titanium alloys


We are able to produce turned parts with diameters between Ø2 and Ø220 mm, the maximum length of the part – determined by the geometry of the detail and the machine on which the detail can be produced – is 500 mm. On CNC machining centers we can machine objects with dimensions up to 600x400x400 mm.

Accuracy of realization

The accuracy of our machines (machine park) and the diligence with which we conduct our production processes guarantee the high quality of our products. We are able to produce details whose precision requires an accuracy of the order of 0.01 mm.