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We offer a wide range of set nuts used in various industries, such as automotive, automation, electronics, energy, etc.


Set nuts (also known as press nuts) are used wherever a high stability of the connection in thin-walled sheet metal or plastic constructions is required. They are a good quality alternative for soldered and welded joints. The ability to use high torques during assembly allows a high rigidity of the connection. The special geometry, which guarantees the optimum torque and the resulting tensile forces, was developed in cooperation with the Steinbeis Center. This is the basis for the advantage of our product over other solutions.


The assembly of the nut is very easy. The nut is pressed using a mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic press. In some cases, the nut can be hammered into a drilled or punched hole. The assembly does not require special tooling. When mounting the nut, the material of the element into which it is pressed (eg metal) “flows” into the groove of the nut. The groove is located between the head and the knurled collar of the nut and is responsible for the permanent connection of the nut with the element. The geometry of the knurling guarantees the strength of the connection even when loaded with a high torque.



Protech setting nuts are characterized by a very good quality of realization. As standard, they are made of free-cutting steel (11SMnPb30 + C), heat-treated and then galvanized and annealed (Low hydrogen annealing) to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.


The figure below shows a table with dimensions of the set nuts and the corresponding plate thickness. Depending on the needs, nuts can also be manufactured according to individual customer requirements. These may include inch threads or different heights and diameters of the collar, etc.